Dynamiques de groupe et dynamiques tribales…
contre développement personnel et détribalisation.

Human Values, Aesthetics And Detribalisation

By Jack Baillet M.D. Ph.D.



(schema manquant)

Putting aside the fundamental approach : to establish correlations between neuronal hardware and behaviour, it is possible to create a very simple and very useful model that classifies the software of human thought and action into three registers (cognitive-operative, somato-visceral and sexual-tribal) played at three levels : conscious, non conscious and imaginary.
Conscious level : habitually manifest for the observer with a specific adapted activity (Wsp), a semiotic activity (Wsem : mimic, scream), a secretory activity (Q).
Non conscious level : the forgotten name, dreams, the sudden arrival of desire or fear. Imaginary level : where we are free, conscious. It can launch the realisations of artists, scientifics… The talking Primate, with the language which locks him up in his tribe, is able to transmit to others of his tribe fantasies, myths, lies…

It is easy to admit “living beings are structured and conditionned for a purpose : the survey of the individual and of the species”. Adopting this telenomic conception (J. Monod) it is possible to describe three registers :
The viscero-somatic register, in modern world population is not different from this register in other Primates or Mammals ( hunger, thirst, pain, emotion, rage…).
The cognitive-operative register depends on memory, training, mimetism.
The interplay between these two registers makes possible good decisions, those which permit success, the survival of the individual (A.& H. Damasio).

On the sexual-tribal register, unconscious mechanisms launched by the steroid hormone put the human Primate to work for the survival of the species.
The three registers are put on a triangle which is the simplex of the system build by the registers, each summit corresponding to the expression of a unique register (that never happens). A point inside this triangle corresponds to a particular repartition of the existential play by an individual or a group.

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